braided wigs

Our Braided Wigs are Completely handmade! Soft and comfortable to wear! Elegant and excellent for all face types! Absolutely wonderful! It gives you many compliments! Total density! Our braided wigs are the best

Micro twists of the braided wigs are made individually with smooth and pure separation of human hair laces for a natural effect. It can be used in the middle or on the sides. Simply align the separation with the desired style of the central or lateral part.
A size cover of the wigs adapts to all main dimensions. Adjust / pull / pull the elastic band at the back to hold the wig in place. We also include a large elastic band that can be placed if you want more safety.
20 “-22” length from the armpit to the length of the bra.

braided wigs

With these wigs there is no preparation other than straightening your natural hair with a wig cap (included in the package) and then putting on the wig as if it were a hat!
If you have long or voluminous hair, it is ideal to put your hair in the corn rows before applying the wig for a flat and natural look.

braided wigs

All our braided wig styles are the most practical styles for busy people. It takes less than 60 seconds to install.
Unlike normal non-extinguished wigs, you will not comb, wiggle, entangle and break with braided wigs! It is a company that saves money and time!
However, you can effortlessly achieve a unique and fantastic look!

With our quality wigs, you are always assured of superior quality (see our reviews) and we are also proud of our excellent customer service. We ensure that what you see in the images is what you get.

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Braided Wigs without closure and without frontal

braided wigs
braided wigs