Please note: due to COVID-19, the shipping might take longer and also during the holiday season, the shipping might take a little longer.

We only ship to the confirmed address provided by the buyer. All our products are usually shipped within 24 hours. However, please also allow 1-3 business days of handling time (especially for orders placed during the weekends).

We do our best to offer you the most reliable and affordable way of shipping. However, international delivery and transit time are sometimes dependent on the courier company and local customs. Therefore, we are unable to take any responsibility for any delays or customs duties. All our extensions are shipped from our warehouses in USA, UK, and China depending on availability.

Depending on region, we accept card payments, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram and also bank/wire transfer for bulk/wholesale orders. The respectable account holders are not hair manufacturers and should not be held responsible for any damages or liabilities in case of a faulty and / or wrongfully sent product. If you do not receive your items on time, please contact us for further assistance. Thank you for your business.

Shipping Methods

We offer combined EMS or UPS/DHL shipping which will reduce your shipping cost greatly for multiple purchases.

Package Tracking

Please use the following website to track your package:

Estimated Delivery Time (Express Shipping)

Worldwide: 1 – 14 business days depending on location/region.

Estimated Delivery Time in Business Days (Free Shipping)

3 – 6 days 7 – 15 days 16 – 30 days 30 – 45 days 45 – 60 days Package Confirmed as Lost
USA 10% 70% 15% 4% 1% (50% Refund) Full Refund, Item Resent via FedEX
Canada 10% 60% 25% 4% 1% (50% Refund) Full Refund, Item Resent via FedEX
United Kingdom 10% 70% 15% 4% 1% (50% Refund) Full Refund, Item Resent via FedEX
Australia 10% 70% 15% 4% 1% (50% Refund) Full Refund, Item Resent via FedEX
New Zealand 0% 50% 40% 8% 2% (50% Refund) Full Refund, Item Resent via FedEX
France 10% 70% 15% 4% 1% (50% Refund) Full Refund, Item Resent via FedEX
Other EU Countries 0% 30% 50% 18% 2% (50% Refund) Full Refund, Item Resent via FedEX

Please note: the timer starts at the day of shipment. For +6 days items, please add additional business days to the calculation.

What does the “Ships in x Days” Mean?

For the inventory that is out of stock, we put a “+ 6 or 8 days” tag near the selection. It means that as soon as your order is placed, we start the production, which takes 3 – 8 business days (the average is 6) to finish and only then do we ship using your preferred shipping method, either free or express. The handling time remains the same (one to three business days).

On the upside, these extensions feel extremely fresh since they were never stocked before.

Package Insurance

If you are not sure whether or not the color you have ordered will match your own, feel free to get our package insurance, which will not only help you to receive an instant refund in case of the lost package (without having to wait 60 days when not using insurance) but we will also cover the shipping expenses for the returning hair.

Order Cancellation and Changes

For the Custom Orders (+6 Days):

You can withdraw or change your purchase within the 12 hours’ time frame after the order was placed. If you want to cancel it afterwards, we charge a 30% fee for the materials wasted.

For the Stocked Items:

Please contact us within the 24-hour time frame and we will change or withdraw it for free. However, if the item has already been shipped, we won’t be able to cancel or change your order. What if you don’t want extensions anymore? You can always return them to us upon receiving for a full refund (minus the shipping costs).